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ur investment philosophy is to preserve and enhance wealth over time. This means taking into consideration all investment risks and opportunities as well as the erosion of inflation and the various tax minimizing opportunities. Wealth preservation is best achieved by broad diversification which includes all the major asset classes.

Our investment process is both highly disciplined and performance driven. The discipline comes from our adherence to extremely efficient portfolios developed from our own extensive research.  (We have written four books on this subject.)

Each target portfolio has been a consistently top performing portfolio for a given level of risk, i.e. maximum decline or drawdown during any bear market. Each one is a precise combination of major asset classes — asset allocation — using well known indexes and each serves as the benchmark by which we measure Tanglewood’s performance. Target or benchmark portfolios range from conservative growth to aggressive growth.

All of our benchmark portfolios have delivered predictable returns, relatively quick recoveries after declines and the ability to payout significant inflation-adjusted incomes over the past 80+ years.  Although one cannot  rely soley on past performance, this rich history helps instill the confidence and security that clients want.

We are passionate about performance.  We are highly motivated to outperform the benchmarks using our proprietary “horserace strategy” which overweights those asset classes, sectors and styles (growth, value, etc.) which we expect to lead the market over the next six to thirty-six months. This is the primary way by which we have outperformed the indexed benchmarks over most time periods.

The final step of our investment process is to research and identify those few independent, institutional fund managers who have outperformed both their asset class and peer group over at least one full market cycle. Our chosen managers have also added value over and above our indexed benchmarks.

We are extremely proud of our proven investment process which has delivered excellent risk adjusted returns over time.

We currently supervise over $800 million of client assets.